The Right Decision is Hard

An intelligent being can understand what he should and should not do. If humans are to be considered intelligent beings, this would be a criteria to take into consideration when passing judgement. A stupid animal can in consequence make stupid decisions. However, animals, for lack of a better comparison, can also know what to do and what to not do. They, in contrast, use instinct.

From this example henceforth, it isn’t enough to judge the being as intelligent. Humans operate on a different level than all other animals. A human that can asses a situation in order to make a decision is taking into account many other factors. In our day by day shenanigans that make up our daily, busy bee lives, we care about our social circles, our families, our jobs, our pets, our toys, and on and on, and on and on and on. This list can get a bit long with minuscule detail. But you would quickly stop reading and leave. Hence the decision of shutting up and continuing with the topic.

For humans to be able to make the right decision, or rather in the plural form of the noun, there is a constant need for having the right information at the right time. We cannot process massive amounts of information at once, only the most important. We can also define decisions as a permanent requirement of our progression, each and every one of us, because they, once made, have an incredible impact on all of humanity. Decisions are what define us, what define our future, what defined our past. It is the ever important impervious decision that, once made, it is fairly difficult to undo. For which there is a dire need to make the right decision the first time, and most of the time.

However imperfection is at the core of humanity. We are imperfect beings by default.

But alas technology is a tool created by us, to help us, and for a darker shade of gray it can even be used to destroy us. Actually, its already used for that. And by that which we cannot control, we are helpless. But by that which we decide not know about, ignorance is lethal, and it is what can ultimately destroy us.