Gone are the days of living carefree, day by day, of the worries of the world. Today we are more a mature race than we were yesterday. And we have created this world, but not all of it, mind you. Yet we do live in this atrocious calamity of hereafter, shaped together from the very troubles we so cause and then we so very resourcefully try to resolve.

But up to a point, for if we try to strive and succeed, and aught we shall, a world where the consequences of our actions pile up and tumble us into oblivion. Our humanity is riddled with ignorance, bestowing upon us a temporary bliss that belongs to a world of half assed truths. Merely thinking in fair judgement, thoughts are easily clouded within the vast fog of our human, natural and basic understanding, of the world.

Away with you! Fall away from this world, fall away from performing tedious chores and empty responsibilities, of seeking material well being but living in economic handicaps, of striving for ambitions goals that provide ever so fragile and short lived triumphs, of avoiding intricate relationships and bitter conversations.

A so called “society” trifled with rules of the powerful, the greed of the ambitious, and the ideals of the intelligent, where twice the former clouds the honest ideals of the latter, and promotes vast ignorance of the masses. Large and wide I reside here but loneliness is all around, eavesdropping at a single moment’s rest. Oh why can’t I sleep soundly anymore?

But even after reading all that rubble, you still linger here. Brain, please, hush.