Caroline Walker

Caroline Walker Bynum writes,

Sometimes body, my body, or embodiedness seems to refer to limit or placement, whether biological or social. That is, it refers to natural, physical structures (such as organ systems or chromosomes), to environment or locatedness, boundary or definition, or to role (such as gender, race, class) as constraint. Sometimes—on the other hand—it seems to refer precisely to lack of limits, that is, to desire, potentiality, fertility, or sensuality/sexuality . . . or to person or identity as malleable representation or construct

The Red Hair Girl with Glasses

I saw her just sitting there. The class hasn’t started yet, and I was very early. But I wasn’t the first one there. I saw her there for the very first time, sitting in her seat, “juiciosa”, as the natives say. She already had a notebook out, with a pen, just waiting for the class to start. “What a geek”, I thought to myself.

It was that day that I first took notice of her, her red hair, and glasses. I didn’t think much at the time. Little did I know that she would be an object of fixation for me. And it wasn’t until the second time I saw her, that I began to think that she was actually, very cute.

But as cruel as life can be, inside I was already dead. And after that little adventure of a joy ride I had, I died inside a little more.